Work & live in LA for 40 years, now live in Bangkok. So I am quite biased. Not the most friendly of cities, but world class in every sense.

Unless you
have a local show you around, it’s not an easy city to enjoy. But whatever your passion is, you will find it in high quality in LA and it’s surrounding areas.
If visiting on your own, a car is a must. That’s America for you.

,United States

This place is a traffic nightmare, there is no good time to go anywhere, I really do not know how you can do that traffic everyday.

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A beautiful if woefully crowded city. A rental car is a must as the attractions are spread out for miles in differing directions.

Like the Grand Canyon or D.C. you need to visit the City of Angeles at least once in your life.

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it’s good city for shopping and have great time with friend or family . and it’s easy to find cozy LA style Restaurants for relaxing .

most people in there are friendly and helpful if you’re polite and my friends and I had wonderful week in LA.

Meng Chieh

I enjoyed it.
everything been close or walking distance from Hotel.
LA live and the Staples Centre, and Regal (Cinemas).

buses and light rail/train close or within each other.
the fact You can get a train to Hollywood to.
that is were most of the action and night life is.
great Experience, I will be back soon.
Thank You…


Great city, great people and wonderful food. This place has it all. I would highly recommend this as a stop off for a tour of the USA.

The place has some wonderful sights and wonderful women.

,United Kingdom

With an advanced transportation infrastructure, LA has become and exciting city where all cultures intersect.

,United States

You really need to stay at least 10 days to take in all the sights. Take a trip down to Long Beach and to Malibu.

,New Zealand

LA is interesting city to explore. we went downtown, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Korea town and of course Hollywood.


Very expensive city to travel, make sure have enough cash for tippings. Transportation is the main problem here, not every place can be accesible by metro.

Need to plan ahead when taking the buses as it can be very complicated.


It is big but it is a collection of people who are happy about where they live and are willing to share their city with visitors.

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Cedars Sinai has saved our lives. It is the best attraction in the city.
The traffic is unbearable , A total nightmare.

,United States

Unless you are a Hollywood Fan, otherwise, not exactly the best city to hang around as prices are typically on the upscale.

USS was impressive though and prehaps Santa Monica is another attraction to look out for. There are far more fun cities around West Coast to look forward to.


The Hop-On Hop-Off Bus tours were great. They took you to most of the main attractions around L.A. and we used them as our main transport around the City.

There is so much to do, so we recommend you stay more than 5 days. 3 Days for us wasn’t enough!!!


I recommend everyone must go and see Universal Studio.
To safe your money. No need to take tourist bus.

Just simply take the red line train to Universal Station. Second last stop on the redline train. It costs $1.75 and the universal bus provide free ride into Universal Studio. Admission is $92 per person buy one get one free valid until 2015. People under 48 is $84 per person and senior at a concession rate.


Hollywood is hectic so 4 days was enough. Go to Santa Monica and Venice beach. Beautiful and culturally diverse.

Cabs hard to get. Smog, traffic. LA is really large so you’ll need to catch cabs or hire a car. Get the cab app UBER. I will return to Santa Monica in the future but probably don’t need to see hollywood again in a hurry. You must see it once!

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I lived in Los Angeles from 1981 to 2008, so there isn’t much about the city that is intimidating to me.

However to the traveler that has never been to a mega-city, it can be overwhelming, intimidating and difficult to get around. The freeways all stop n go from 6a-8p everday except Sunday. The rail system would be a good option. and if you have a rental car…..use your smart phone as a gps and always ALWAYS use streets to get around between downtown LA, Hollywood, beaches, etc. Remember Sunset Blvd goes from downtown out to Santa Monica and the beaches and pier. The Getty Museum (a must see…make reservations) is just off Sunset. Once you are at the beaches, you can take Pacific Coast Highway up and down the coastal area. Definite recommend. Getting around will definitely be frustrating, so leave yourself an extra 60 minutes if you have a place you want to be at a specific time.

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Malibu Beaches are a MUST SEE. Santa Monica Pier and shopping promenade is also amazing. Universal is great for everyone but you need one day at minimum.

We drove all over LA and still only saw a few sights. You absolutely need a week or more in this big, beautiful city. DON’T GET A THRIFTY CAR RENTAL. Go Firefly in LA.

,United States

Lots of things to do, if you’re a first time at least spend 3-5 days to enjoy the city. highly recommended to rent a car


LA is the big city and very very busy city, There are many things you can do in this city for business, traveling, studying and you can go around the Hollywood.


California is blessed with great weather, beaches, mountains and loads of theme parks! Only thing about LA is that it is quite expensive, otherwise it is a great place!


There are a lot to see in LA because it’s more than just downtown. The various beaches from Redondo, Long Beach, Venice, and Santa Monica are beautiful to visit beyond hop on hop off.

You can also visit West Hollywood that is famous among LGBT community, Bevery Hills, the famous Hollywood, and of course don’t forget the Griffith Observatory/Park to see wider LA from above.


Although LA offers a lot of interesting sites to visit, it is quite expensive to go about from one place to another unless you are willing to take the bus or metro.

Shopping and sightseeing are the 2 most prominent attraction this city offers.


When one think of Los Angeles, Hollywood immediately comes to mind. However, the city seems rather run down in general compared to the glitzy outlook that one sees on TV.

Overall it was a disappointment saved by a few nice spots in the city such as The Grove, Farmer’s Market, Hollywood of Fame, etc.


Sunshine, sunny, fun people. Hollywood and universal are the must visit places in LA. Do visit the beaches and get some tan while enjoy the cold breeze.


Specifically Hollywood is fun, but can be a little superficial after 5 days. Plenty to do with the tours to famous homes, Madame Tussauds, Chinese & Dolby Theatres, Universal studios, not to mention shopping and a trip to Santa Monica Beach.

Easy access via trains and buses and the airport super shuttles. Lots of places to eat, but beware of the super sizing in the U.S.


We were in California for 12 days. Drove up the PCH – most beautiful drive ever, San Francisco – liked the golden gate bridge and Alcatraz, rode a trolley car, Yosemite was terrific and Sequoia National Park is must see.

Coming back to LA after all of that was somewhat of a disappointment. But we like nature made sights better than man made attractions. Toured Warner Brothers but don’t watch the shows we saw on the tour, not much from the 50’s or 60’s TV or movies, saw Grauman’s Chinese Theater and walk of fame, took a stars homes tour which is REALLY REALLY overrated. Saw the hollywood sign and Hollywood Bowl. Lots of hawkers and pitchmen along the route.

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There are so many things to do in Los Angeles. Plan your places of visit, you may want to cluster the places of interest together to make full use of your trip there, because you may need to drive a long distance to get to another place.


Nothing much in LA comparing to ASIA and Europe, the only Unique things is Studio Tour in Universal Studio.

The rest doesn’t make me want to go again.


So much to see. You could spend two months here. Downtown is best for cheap mementos and shopping. Musts are: Downtown Art Deco buildings, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Griffith Observatory at sunset- you will see the twinkling lights of LA.

West Hollywood on Santa Monica blvd at night – everybody looks like a model, movie star, muscle hunk, movie director. WholeFoods at Venice Beach is possibly the largest organic food store in the world. Disneyland is looking old and jaded and every day at least 1/3 rides are closed. They charged $50 for a photo of us on Space Mountain. Disneyland has few toilets. Food at Disneyland way overpriced. Los Feliz area is charming. Get a TAP weekly pass for $20 and you can go anywhere – only found out about this when an assistant named Wes at Union Station pointed out what great value it is.


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